#touchthewarinua —
photography guide
Technical task. Photo-shooting of the destroyed russian military units (tank, trucks, rocket launchers) based on photogrammetry method
General description
It is necessary to take a series of pictures around the the destroyed russian military units (tank, trucks, rocket launchers) on the territory of Ukraine to further 3D models creation.

Next, we will create 3D models based on photos using photogrammetry technology - the main specialisation of deep3dstudio team.
Our goals
To attract the attention of the world community and fund additional finance directly support Military Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense units and volunteers across all country

Documentary and historical materials of russian crimes during the war in Ukraine
Camera settings
Can be shot on any camera: DSLR, mirrorless, iPhone/Android with Yamera app or similar for ISO/exposure control.

ISO: 100-1600 (minimum without "noise" in the photo)
Aperture: F5.6-F10 (subject should be in maximum focus)
Shutter speed: 1/160 (maximum light)
Photo format: JPEG (maximum photo size in pixels)
Lighting condition: outside shooting, cloudy weather during the day
Shooting tactics:
  • make sure that the location of the broken / abandoned column of enemy equipment is checked by the Armed Forces or representatives of territorial defense and temporarily safe for photography for 15-30 minutes
  • coordinate photography with representatives of the Armed Forces or local territorial defense coordinators
  • approach a safe distance from a broken / abandoned column of enemy vehicles
  • you need to take a series of photos around each of the units in a column of broken or abandoned enemy vehicles
  • photo composition and artistic view - not important
  • it is important that in each picture the object is fully visible from different angles of 360 degrees around
  • it is necessary to take three series of photos at different angles around each object (tank, armored personnel carrier, hail, etc.): 60 photos at head level straight, 60 photos from bottom to top at knee level, 60 photos from top to bottom with arms raised
  • repeat a series of shots with each unit of enemy equipment
  • leave the shooting location in a safe place
Transfer of materials:
  • upload photos to PC/Mac
  • create archives of taken photos
  • download archives to any cloud resource or telegram messenger:

telegram: @Kompan1ets +380934843016
dropmefiles.com, fex.net or dropbox.com