Deep3d Studio


is a fusion of art, technical skills and individual approach. Our custom-built 3D scanning rig with 100 DLSR cameras is a perfect tool for creating unique high-quality product for VFX and game industry. Kyiv-based.
We 3D everything.


3D scanning services:
  • 3D scanning using photogrammetry technique
  • Full body scanning
  • Scanning of clothes and accessories
  • Face expressions sets
  • Full-cycle character development (actor casting, costume design, make-up): from idea to high quality animation-ready 3D model
Post-production services:
  • 3D scan models clean-up and retopology
  • Topology ready for rigging, keyframe and mocap animation
  • Expression set capturing ready for blending
  • Character rigging
  • Hair and clothes reconstruction
  • Deep PBR texturing
  • VR, AR, and Unreal-engine ready models


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